Do You Really Know What Matters to Your Customers?

Use mobile devices instead of paper comment cards and stay on your customers pulse

Create your own survey, collect customer feedback, analyze and improve your product.

Make sure you know your customers opinion before it reaches social media.

Candid feedback is hard to come by.


People are often reluctant to share their views in regards to a product or service. They don’t want to appear impolite or hurt someone’s feelings. They avoid face to face complaints or filling comment cards, just because they lack anonymity. Using TellMee mobile surveys makes it the easy and modern way to collect your customers feedback.

With the entire market place revolving around consumer opinions and influences, feedback has become a crucial aspect of any business.

That’s why we designed TellMee for you. Imagine comment cards displayed on a mobile devices - it makes it fun for your customers to quickly and confidentially complete a satisfaction survey. What's more, we make it easy for you to create that survey yourself so you can retrieve exactly the information you need. Your customers will appreciate the fact that you want their opinions (who doesn't want to be listened to?), and you'll benefit from knowing what they truly think about your brand and business.

It's a win-win for everyone!

Knowing what your customers think is now only one QR scan away.

Understanding what customers really love makes it easy to deliver a great experience. Sometimes it’s the small things you never thought about that will build you a reputation for outstanding service.

Learn what your customers like and dislike and receive their instant feedback.

Online, right there, right then. Access your comment card via QR code or web address

TellMee provides you with a simple solution that will have a major impact on your business


Because - the fastest way to build your business is to listen to feedback from your customers.

Still guessing what your customers think about your product or service instead of relying on first hand information?

Here is your solution. TellMee is an innovative way of collecting information from your customer via mobile comment cards accessible via QR code or a Web address. You create your own individual online survey that will get you the answers you are looking for. Your customers use their devices to scan the code, they see the survey, and conveniently submit their feedback.

Your customers know your product best and they can help you connect the dots to make good products even better.

TellMee works as easy as 1, 2, 3


Three steps to create your mobile comment card and receive all the feedback to move your product from good to great. And of course, we’ll be here to support you – all the way.


Use your TellMee account to design your individual survey / comment card. We transform it into a QR code or a web address


Print your QR code or receive materials ready to be printed from us. Creatively display them to attract usage by your customers.


Your customers scan the QR code or enter the web address. You receive detailed and instant feedback from your customers.

  • Create your individual survey / comment card by signing up with your TellMee account. Ask your customers the questions that will help you create a great product. Once you are done, the system will complete the survey by generating a QR code for you.

    STEP 1

  • Once the survey has been created and your QR code is in place, you also have the option to material ready to be printed from us – stickers, flyers, coasters – whatever can display a QR code and attracts your customers to leave their feedback.

    STEP 2

  • Distribute the printed QR materials creatively and prominently. Display the QR code on tables, walls, doors or even rest rooms to draw the attention of your customers and make it fun for them to leave feedback.

    STEP 3

You want more details about how it works?


STEP 1: Sign up for your TellMee account and the free 90-day-trial version, and create your very own mobile comment card. Ask the questions you always wanted answered. Show your customers that their feedback and opinion matters, and that you want them to enjoy a great service offer.

STEP 2: We will take your comment card and turn it into a QR code. The code can then easily be scanned by your customers and reveals your questions. If you like, we’ll also have the marketing materials ready to be printed, such as coaters, flyers and menus to appeal to your guests, clients and customers.

STEP 3: Make it fun for your customers to share their opinions and ideas with you, and display the pinted materials prominently at unusual places. Creating a bit of a buzz will engage your customers while you get the answers you need to make your business more successful.

The Result? Improved customer satisfaction, positive reviews, new customers and more business.

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The best things in life are free and - for 90 days - so is TellMee!


Offer your customers a fun experience and at the same time receive the feedback you truly need to make the decisions that catapult your business forward.

But don't take our word for it. With this 90 days free trial you'll have the opportunity to test this great mobile comment card for yourself and to experience the benefits of TellMee first hand.

Sign Up Now for your Free 90 days TellMee Trial account!

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